Distribution Network Services.

Put your properties on the most popular,
high-traffic travel websites on the web.
Without lifting a finger.

Automate publishing and keep property updates in sync across the web. Skipjump offers a superior advertising and distribution solution for rental property owners, managers, and agents.

One feed to rule them all

Manage all your properties in one place, using your existing Property Management and Reservation software, and easily maximize visibility across the web. Using real-time property feeds, Skipjump's powerful distribution platform automatically broadcasts your property inventory across the web to our network of high-traffic travel websites.

Automated property sync

The Skipjump platform automatically detects changes in your property information, keeping your inventory in sync across the web. What's automatically updated? Just about everything:

  · Automatic Rate Period and Availability Sync
  · Automatic Image Import, Crop, and Resize
  · Automatic Property Location Mapping
  · Automatic Interest Tagging
  · Automatic Video Import

Works with your existing Vacation Rental Booking software

Skipjump's distribution engine can handle any type of feed. This gives you access to our entire network of travel sites from our centralized distribution hub. Once a feed is received, your properties are up and running within 24-48 hours of service activation.

We also have built-in support for these VR software packages, out of the box:

Questions about feeds? Email us - we support a variety of formats, including Excel, CSV, XML and HTML.

Direct links, phone and email inquiries

Skipjump's distribution engine creates direct links to your website from all sites in our network, so customers are just one click away from all your website's property pages. All properties are also featured on Skipjump.com, which offers additional leads via direct links and email inquiries. All email inquiries are spam-filtered and forwarded directly to your primary email inbox, so you'll never miss an opportunity.

Your phone number is also prominently displayed on all listings across our distribution network* and on Skipjump.com property pages.

* Wherever permissable. Placement dependent on specific site inclusion guidelines.

Plans start at $79 a month for 50 properties (just $1.58 per property)

Pay a flat monthly fee based on the total number of properties in your inventory. Plans starts at $79/mo for feeds containing up to 50 properties. No setup fees, no contracts, cancel anytime.

Number of Properties 50 100 500 More?
Monthly Fee $79. $99. $149. Call Us.
(877) 833-1555

Our technical support team can assist in the development of inbound XML feeds, so your properties are up and running on the Skipjump platform within 24-48 hours of service activation.

Help! What's a property feed?

Questions about feeds? It's not as technical as it sounds - it's actually a simple process.

  · We work directly with your web developer or designer, or
  · We work directly with your Vacation Rental Management Software vendor, or
  · Optionally, our technical support team can assist building custom property feeds.

Call or email with any feed-related questions, we're here to help.

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